11 Questions with Frederik Berner Kühl

Berner Kühl is a menswear brand founded in Copenhagen in 2019. Born out of a desire to educate the next generation of consumers on good product.

We have asked founder and designer, Frederik Berner Kühl, 11 questions about his work.

Welcome to RICH & HANC.

Tell us a little bit about your brand?

Berner Kühl is a brand started a couple of years ago, cause I simply wanted to create something better than what is available. A high end brand where you get exactly what you pay for. Quality, made in small family owned factories in either Italy or Portugal, inspired by my upbringing - an education in classic menswear infused with utilitarian elements coming from a background in skiing, running and cycling. 

What is the happiest moment in your work experience?

When I sit on the floor in a factory in Italy discussing garment details, construction or make with my suppliers, trying to create the best we can.

Please list your 3 favourite materials?

Bio based nylon, cause it carries all of the characteristics from nylon, but created in a better way, without crude oil. 

Wool because it's the most versatile natural fabric I know. From base layer to knitwear to outerwear. 

Everything technical.

Who inspires you?

Everyone making an effort, trying to create something meaningful to themselves and others. I often find inspiration in people who does something completely different from myself.

Who are your favourite designers at the moment?

There are so many good ones out there! I think 3Man Media is doing great. Winnie New York is making top product. Arnar Mar Jonsson is nice.Of the OG’s I love Dries, Lemaire, Jil Sander and the Helmut Lang of the nineties.

Please list your 3 favourite words?




What’s a crazy conspiracy you believe in?

I dont believe in conspiracies. It's too stressful.

Is a hot dog a sandwich?


A or B person?

A when I have to. And lately I feel like I had to A LOT.

Toilet paper, over or under?


Do you wear shoes in your house?